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Celebrating A Dream – Mathison Interiors

Mathison Interiors

Celebrating A Dream –

Mathison Interiors is on the brink of a new adventure. It’s as if there’s a new baby! Ironically, for exactly nine months it has been secretly growing. On September 11, there was a delivery and now celebrations are running rampant for the new offspring location in Auburn.

By Patsy Robertson
Photos by Dianna Paulk

Lynn Mathison is good at what she does. Interior Decorating has been her lifelong work. It is her “passion,” she will tell you – quickly adding that its inspiration is a gift from God.

She is an example of possessing “Savoir Faire,” — a French ex­pression literally meaning “to know how to do.” Lynn started as a young mother helping her friends with ideas of décor and fur­nishings. She has never stopped.

Mathison Interiors has been successful in Montgomery. Their current location in EastChase encompasses a wide inventory and a complete line of services. Business has been excellent, clients pleased.

But nine months ago, Lynn had a dream of opening another shop. This time in Auburn. Soon afterward, a second dream con­tained the same message. Later, during private devotional one morning, she received words to “go East.” It was when a friend told Lynn she had the same dream of her opening a new location in Auburn that the decorator knew the time had come for action.

“God has lead me the whole way,” Lynn said.

The ideal location was found. The new shop in Auburn is quaint, charming, sophisticated. It is a small, old world boutique – re­sembling a “jewelry box,” a friend described. Amazingly, however, the diminutive space contains every style and touch as its mother location.

In opening this, her fifth store, Lynn emphasizes her raison d’etre: she wants “to help people with decorating needs no matter how large or how small the job.” She discusses being of service to all types of people and assistance desired.

“Most often we use furniture people already have and just add

to or refresh and update,” Lynn noted. “We can blend for a mod­ern-day look, still preserving well-loved treasures… antiques are timeless.”

It is her “uniqueness of service,” that is a source of pride to the decorator. Lynn explains that she and her dedicated staff of nine will do whatever the job requires. “Excellence is not an accident,” she says.

Her “White Glove” service is available for all job assignments. At completion, that means everything will be totally “ready to go.” Services apply not only for living rooms and bedrooms, but also for kitchens, patios and beyond.

With Holidays on the horizon, many people would like to have their places “polished, fluffed and seasonal ready,” Lynn says. There are a variety of ways to enhance homes, lake houses and even offices.

The Auburn leap is also marvelous for the entire Mathison family who continue to nurture a strong devotion to the “Loveliest Village on the Plains.”

Lynn who is a native of Selma, Alabama, graduated from Auburn. She is the mother of two daughters, Lauren Hixon and Clay Aaron, who are Auburn graduates as well. Family is extremely important to her.

Daughter Lauren lives in Auburn and is the mother of three sons: Robert, a student at NYU; David, a varsity football player at Auburn High School; and John, a left-handed baseball pitcher at the same school.

Lynn’s second daughter, Clay, lives in Montgomery. She is an integral part of Mathison Interiors, working for both locations. Clay is the mother of two sons: Will and Thomas who are actively involved in sports at Trinity Presbyterian School. Will is a senior, a two letterman athlete now playing both baseball and basketball, while Thomas plays both middle school football and baseball.

Lynn’s husband, the Reverend John Ed Mathison, former Senior Minister of Frazer Memorial Methodist Church in Montgomery, also has strong Auburn connections. His brother, George Mathison, retired minister from Auburn United Methodist Church, still lives in the Auburn area. His wife, Monteigne, is a noted artist who will exhibit her paintings at the family business.

It is easy to recognize that Auburn, family, talent and dedication are key elements which contribute greatly to the joy of this new venture. It would seem to have all the ingredients of success.

Lynn says, “I am humbled that God would entrust me with such a journey as this.” Her devotion speaks volumes. She attributes all to “God’s Blessing our obedience.”

Mathison Interiors in Auburn is located at 2290 Moores Mill Road, Suite 400


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