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Real Men Wear Pink 2019- John Longshore

John Longshore
Sports Broadcast Journalist/Personality

Montgomery native John Longshore has been talking sports for many years. He started his career as a radio sports anchor/analyst in 1992 and now holds the distinction of being the senior radio sports talk personality in Montgomery. A 1983 graduate of Jefferson Davis High School, Longshore attended the University of Alabama from 1983-1987 and will earn his degree from the external degree program in May 2020.

In 2002, Longshore joined the local CBS affiliate as guest sports analyst and has now become a regular with WAKA-TV along with the ABC and Fox affiliates in Montgomery. He keeps sports fans informed and entertained daily with his morning radio broadcast from 7-10 a.m. on SportsRadio-AM 740 WMSP.

Longshore and his wife, Alice, have five children, Katter, Lucie, Ware, John Morgan and Lawton. He enjoys traveling, playing golf and attending sporting events.

Although his family has not been affected by breast cancer, he experienced the diagnoses of prostate cancer two years ago. He underwent a prostatectomy that was successful and is now cancer-free. His brother had a similar experience with prostate cancer and is also cancer-free.

“My commitment to be a part of the RMWP is motivated by my desire to bring awareness to the local chapter of the American Cancer Society and breast cancer prevention,” he said.

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