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Real Men Wear Pink 2019- Chad Bianchi

Chad Bianchi
Marcel McElroy Job Connection

If you are like Chad Bianchi, you have had cancer strike both your relatives and friends. And that’s why he’s wearing pink to continue the fight against this agonizing disease. For him the fight is much more than theoretical, for he himself has been struck by the illness.

After graduating from the University of Phoenix with an MBA he came to Montgomery and joined the Church of the Highlands. There, he is an active member and heads both teams and ministries, caring for community members who need help. He also finds time to volunteer with various nonprofits like the Salvation Army, while working at the Marcel McElroy Job Connection as Business Development Partner. Bianchi explains his job, saying, “We connect the right jobs to the right people,” which he finds is work full of satisfaction.

Like so many others, Bianchi’s relatives and friends have been both successful and unsuccessful in dealing with the disease. His way of expressing his gratitude for surviving cancer is to cooperate with Men in Pink. He wants to “work alongside my ‘pink-clad’ brothers and together raise enough money that will create enough of a dent in the forcefield around this disease, so to expedite the search for a cure.”

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