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Real Men Wear Pink 2019- Brent Teel

Brent Teel
Starke Agency

A lifelong resident of Montgomery, Brent Teel attended Faulkner University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2011. He is a commercial insurance producer at the Starke Agency, a locally-owned insurance agency currently in its third-generation of family ownership.

Teel has had several family members affected by cancer. His maternal grandfather was diagnosed with late-stage colon cancer, passing away after a 10-month fight at the age of 48, three months before he was born. “Pap” was one of those people who would light up a room any time he entered it, and cancer took him well before his time. Teel also had a cousin on his mom’s side diagnosed with cancer in his late 30s, passing away at 38.

Like most, Teel has had several friends and coworkers also fight cancer. In his three years at the Starke Agency, two coworkers were diagnosed with breast cancer and he has been inspired by the resilience they have shown in fighting the disease.

Teel considers himself more fortunate than most, never having a parent, sibling, spouse or living grandparent diagnosed. But he also realizes that cancer doesn’t discriminate and at any second that could change. “I am honored to join the fight against cancer as part of Real Men Wear Pink campaign,” he said, “and I look forward to the day when cancer is a thing of the past.”

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