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Fun Is Just a Tap Away at the Tower Taproom!


We visited with Jake Kyser at his newest venture in the Alley in downtown Montgomery the other day. It’s the Tower Taproom.  He gave us the grand tour of his new restaurant. We asked him to share his vision and how The Tower Taproom came about.

Q) Where did you get the idea for the Tower Taproom?

A) When we were looking for another restaurant concept to put in the former Dreamland BBQ location, I discovered the PourMyBeer concept online. I did some research and learned that there wasn’t a licensed self-pour taproom of this type in Alabama. After visiting a few PourMyBeer concepts in other states, I found it to be fun and interesting. So, we decided to pursue approval from the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) board. This was a lengthy process, but the ABC officials were very accommodating and receptive to what we wanted. The main concern was establishing parameters and safeguards for this new concept to make sure that we remained responsible in the serving of the alcoholic beverages.

Q) How does the self-pour taproom work? 

A)  The Tower Taproom is the FIRST licensed self-pour taproom in the state of Alabama. Patrons will place their tap card in the slot above the tap. Every 3 taps have a touch screen with information about the beverage. When you touch the screen you find the description, alcohol content and price per ounce. The option to pour a small taste or a full pint is one of the most unique aspects of the system.  The Taproom has 57 taps (includes 42 upstairs and 15 downstairs), that will dispense a variety of craft beers, ciders and wines.  

Q)  What system is in place to prevent underage drinking and overuse? 

A) .  You must present a photo ID and a credit card to open a tab or cash to receive an activated Tap Card to enjoy the tap wall. There is a 32-ounce limit to each patron when they sign in. After reaching the 32-ounce limit, patrons must check in with the staff to reactivate their tap card. This allows the staff to verify the patrons are enjoying the tap wall responsibly. 

Q) Is Beer and Wine the only alcohol you serve? 

A) There is a limited liquor menu available on the main dining floor but the “Lower Lounge” in the basement will offer a full variety of drinks, cocktails, high end liquors, wines as well as additional self-pour beer. 

Q) What can you tell us about your menu?

A) The Tower Taproom is classified as a Fast-Casual dining experience. You enter and order at the counter, you will be notified when your order is ready for pick-up at the counter. Our menu is a collaboration with Central’s Chef Jason McGarry and me. The food consists of very approachable, simple dishes that are executed well, utilizing flavorful fresh ingredients. All the items on the menu are named with pop culture references that we hope will contribute to the fun, casual atmosphere. Some of the names are The Waco Kid, The Daisy Duke, The Hangover Burger and the George Lindsey Peanuts. While Central is an upscale dining experience we want the Tower Taproom to be casual, energetic and entertaining for everyone.

Q) You mention the Lower Lounge, tell us about it.

A) The “Lower Lounge” is the basement area below the Tower Taproom. The atmosphere has a sixties/seventies mid-century modern vibe that will be reflected in the music as well as the décor. Your experience will be comfortable, relaxed and conducive to conversation. There are exposed brick walls and wood columns. It will be open later than the Tower Taproom upstairs and will be a perfect spot to have an after-dinner drink with friends or business associates. The Lower Lounge will also be available for private events. 

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