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How Smart Is Your Neighborhood?

Holland Homes Develops First Alabama Power Smart Neighborhood in Auburn

There was a time when watching “The Jetsons” as a child, this writer would dream of living in a house like theirs. But at that time, it was just that — a dream. 

Enter 2019, and it’s no longer just a dream. The home of the futuristic Jetsons is here. Thanks to a pilot program through Alabama Power and the homebuilders of Holland Home, Auburn is one of the first areas of the state to have an Alabama Power Smart Neighborhood® energy-efficient enclave with state-of-the-art technology features that make George and Jane Jetsons’ home look prehistoric.

Holland Homes owner, Daniel Holland, is thrilled to be the first home builder in the area to have a smart neighborhood under construction.

“We are proud to partner with Alabama Power to build energy-efficient homes that feature advanced energy products and home automation,” said Holland.

Northwoods is a future-focused subdivision on North Donahue Drive in Auburn. The neighborhood will include 51 smart homes, all equipped with enhanced energy-efficiency measures and smart technologies designed to simplify homeowners’ lives. Smart features are controlled via voice activation or smart devices and include security, smart locks, lights, cameras, thermostat and garage door control.

Robert Melvin, head of sales and marketing for Holland Homes, says, “The enhanced energy-efficiency measures include advanced mechanical equipment and insulation practices that will offer power savings of up to 50 percent over homes built in the past. The HERS Efficiency Score rating is 65, which means it is 30 percent more efficient than the standard new homes built today.” 

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. It’s also the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home’s energy performance.

The smart home automation provided offers universal control over all systems, including security, electrical and entertainment. The features are designed to make your home functional and stress-free to enhance your lifestyle.

From the Google home system helping you control the temperature, the lights and television to feeding your pet, Yes, feeding your pet! You can program the system to your preferences. You can tailor your home to do what you want it to do. And you can program and control it all from an app on your smart devices, phone or tablet, whether you are at home or not. An electric vehicle charging station comes standard on the homes in Northwood.

Vivint Smart Home runs the security on the home. There are two outdoor cameras and a doorbell camera that will help deter crime.  An Alabama Power representative will provide an orientation to the electrical systems when you move in.

“I believe the features of these homes will be industry standard in five to 10 years,” said Melvin. “Although, these are our standards now. The homes of Northwood will appeal to the young tech-savvy professionals and the boomer generation who will enjoy the conveniences it offers as well as the manageable yard.”

Holland added, “Northwoods will not only be a modern and cutting-edge neighborhood for families to reside, it will also showcase Holland Homes as a leader, at the forefront of innovation within our industry and our community.” 

The Northwoods model home is available for viewing now, while the other homes are under construction.

For more information, contact Robert Melvin at 334.332.7157 or email him at


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