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Amy Cotney, A Trailblazer in new ways of Real Estate –

When buying and selling a home, you are always thinking about the right realtor for the job. If you are buying, you are considering who can guide you to the right home for your family’s needs at the price you can afford. When selling, you are looking for someone who will be eager and aggressive in marketing your home to those who are buying.

Would you consider a realtor who stands out from everyone else in the way they treat others in business and the community?

ALMetro360 recently met someone who does just this. Amy Cotney, a realtor affiliated with Toland Realty in Auburn, Alabama. Originally from, Tallahassee, Florida, Amy is a realtor with a proven track record of results that consistently demonstrates genuine passion with every customer engagement. But what struck me was the way she conducts her business. She takes an “out of the box” mindset approach to working with clients or, for that matter, everyone.

Amy earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and public relations along with a minor in marketing from Troy University. Later, she trained at The Finishing School in Atlanta, Georgia — which is about faux finishing, not etiquette! Amy is also a graduate of the Decorators Training Institute and is a Certified Interior Decorator (CID).

Amy has truly gotten around, and has done some crazy things in her career, such as moving a house — you know, cut it into four pieces, hauling it up the road and reassembling it in another location.  She has also owned several businesses, a whimsical boutique near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, called Hissyfits, where she attempted to inspire the Yankee ladies to throw a real Southern hissy fit. She created a game day clothing line from re-cycled T-shirts and marketed them to fans.

“Realtors wear many hats,” she says. “That is why I give you all the past details of my career on my website,”

So, you know she is up for any situation that comes her way. She has raised three sons, an accomplishment that has sharpened her skills on negotiating, marketing, figuring out difficult situations, and reading through the lines! Having always lived in a college town, Amy loves the vibe and the heartbeat that it brings. Her passion is to share it with you and to find your little piece of happiness and a place to call “home” in Lee County.

When you meet Amy, you can tell that she thinks of herself as somewhat of a Rogue Realtor, one who is willing to try innovative things that set her apart when it comes to marketing your home. She is an authentic person with ideas that build people up. She is very conscious to know her client’s kids’ names or to leave gifts for her clients, and she recently took her husband — dressed as the Easter Bunny — to entertain the kids in one of the neighborhoods she sells in.

Amy has listed herself as a Social Media Consultant and is host to a real-estate podcast, “Between 2 Amy’s.” She also produces a vlog where she enjoys spotlighting local businesses to give back to her community.

Amy’s motto is all about making a human connection and putting people in the right places.

“Building relationships is time consuming and lots of work,” she says, “however, planting seeds and pouring out corn every day is worth the effort and brings big rewards.”


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