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Real Men Wear Pink- Stewart Vance

Real Men Wear Pink- Stewart Vance
Vance Law Firm, LLC

Stewart Vance’s home town is Troy where he graduated from high school. From there he attended the University of Alabama for a law degree, and then a job with Jere Beasley. He says he will always be grateful to Mr. Beasley for that’s where he learned how to be a lawyer.

Stewart is married to Piper Davitt with whom he has four daughters. He enjoys family activities such as trips to the beach and watching college football. He enjoys golf, listening to music and “anything we can do as a family.”

Stewart has been practicing law for over twenty years. He founded the Vance Law Firm in the late 1990’s to help the folks in the community who were unable to help themselves. The first office he opened was in Camden, Alabama. He relocated back to Montgomery in 2001 and has been here ever since.
Like many, Stewart’s contact with cancer came early. When he was seven years old his father died during surgery of a brain tumor, and years later his grandmother would become a survivor of breast cancer and colon cancer. Only to lose her battle with multiple myeloma later. “Due to our family history my brother and I have always undergone cancer screening. I started at the age of 40 with colon screening and I’m convinced it’s saved my life.”

For Stewart, the Real Men Wear Pink campaign is of enormous importance. “It’s an opportunity to let everybody, but especially men, know that cancer can affect anyone. But with the advances in treatments, it’s no longer a death sentence





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