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Real Men Wear Pink- Charles Monnier

Real Men Wear Pink- Charles Monnier
Guns Out Cross Fit

For Charles, owner and head coach of Guns Out Cross Fit, motivating and encouraging others to accomplish their goals is a passion. Whether its weight loss, strength gain or just getting fit, Charles feels a sense of gratification when he sees his athletes push themselves in their fitness journey.

Originally from Paris, France, Charles moved to Montgomery in 1993 and later spent time in Savannah, Georgia where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Historical Preservation from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He also played soccer for the college for a year.

After graduating he lived in Boston, Massachusetts for a short period, but, ultimately found his way back to Montgomery where he worked in the health and nutritional industry for two years.

Seven years ago he fell in love with Cross Fit and decided to take a leap of faith and open up Guns Out Cross Fit in 2013. One of the reasons he loves being an owner of CrossFit is the relationships that he has built with his clients, something he attributes to his family.

“Ive seen my grandfather die of cancer and my great grandmother had breast cancer. Currently, I have a friend battling breast cancer and seeing the struggles she endures is heartbreaking. She is my inspiration for bringing awareness and research to the forefront.”

Charles is married to his beautiful wife, Lindsay and has two sons.





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