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Troy University Montgomery

Troy University Montgomery

History: Troy University Montgomery has been a part of the River Region since the mid-1960s — first at Maxwell Air Force Base and then later at our current location in downtown Montgomery. Troy Montgomery has been at the forefront of revitalization in the downtown area through projects such as the renovation of the former Whitley Hotel and the Paramount Theater — now the Davis Theatre for the Performing Arts — and the Barnes & Noble Trojan Café. Troy Montgomery’s commitment to serving the community is demonstrated through the operation of the W.A. Gayle Planetarium on behalf of the city of Montgomery and the preservation of the legacy of the Montgomery Bus Boycott at the Rosa Parks Museum, located on the very spot of Mrs. Parks’ historic 1955 arrest.

Mission: At the heart of what Troy Montgomery does is its commitment to serving students, which at the Montgomery Campus primarily means working adults seeking to advance their careers or chart a new career path. Through its partnerships with state and city government and the business community, Troy Montgomery is uniquely positioned to serve as the River Regions center for graduate education, providing working professionals with the opportunity to advance their careers while also advancing the city.

General Impression: Day, night and weekend classes structured in 5, 9-week terms throughout the year, provide convenient opportunities for students who are often balancing work, family and pursuing their career goals and dreams. Troy Montgomery strives to prepare students to take their careers, and by result, our city to the next level.

Top Majors: Students at Troy Montgomery find degree programs in high-demand fields such as Social Work, Human Resource Management, Computer Science, Psychology, Counseling, Nursing and Adult Education. Whether you’re pursuing your bachelors, master’s or doctoral degree, Troy Montgomery gives you the education, flexibility and personal attention you need to succeed. That’s the Trojan Warrior Spirit, and in Montgomery, that spirit is moving our city forward.

Visit or call 1-800-414-5756.

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