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Great Wolf Lodge

Last month, the 16th addition to Great Wolf Resorts expanded into LaGrange, Georgia, where the newest Great Wolf Lodge, North America’s largest family of indoor waterpark resorts, opened its doors to the public.


Great Wolf Resorts has been around for over 20 years, and already on the books are over 8,000 reservations, with guests coming in from Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Atlanta, Columbus, Birmingham and the Heart of Alabama.

Within the walls of this amazing resort that houses 457 guest rooms, the decor is in tune with a Northwoods theme, based off Northwoods trees and skylines. Inside lies a 100,000 square foot indoor waterpark with an additional 40,000 square feet to feature an indoor dry play area. Great Wolf Lodge is an enviable and perfect retreat for families of all sizes.

General Manager, Keith Furnas, says that the waterpark in particular will bring together families for play, fun and bonding, and outside of the park, the lodge itself offers a spectacular array of options for both children and parents to make the most of their stay. “We think we have a range of appealing attractions for the entire family,” Furnas said. “Within the waterpark, we have a lazy river, a wave pool, an activity pool, children’s slides, raft rides, and slides of varying degrees of thrill. The whole family should enjoy a stay here, because when the children are playing we have options for the adults to unwind.”

These adult-friendly options include Barnwood, a restaurant that gives parents the chance to indulge in an upscale dining experience where everything is made fresh, from farm to fork. Located outside of the lobby, Barnwood offers braised ribs, steak and grilled chicken that is sourced from local farmers, and their beverages have been coordinated to include fine wine from local vendors and wineries.

Yet another option for adults is The Watering Hole, a bar located within the waterpark, where parents can watch as children shoot down two exciting, adrenaline-pumping slides that are brand new to Great Wolf Lodge — The Triple Thunder and The Rapid Racer. “These two slides are not only new to Great Wolf Lodge, but also to North America,” Furnas said. “The Triple Thunder is definitely a thrill ride, one with steep drops that spin you around, and The Rapid Racer is a dueling race ride, bringing the racers together so folks can see each other as they race. It’s a great option for older children and their mother or father.”

After the day is over and parents wish to spend quality time together, the lodge offers a few added indulgences. An evening at the Grand Lobby, for example, is a relaxing time when adults gather around an expansive fireplace to watch as their children are entertained through story time. Or, should the family be sleepy, parents can opt to head directly to their room, where Great Wolf Lodge offers a Wine Down service, where wine is brought directly to the rooms for parents to drink in peace while the children sleep.

As another added amenity, the lodge will offer Camp H.O.W.L. (Habitat of Wild Learning) that will showcase a variety of activities for the family to enjoy together both during the daytime and evening. “We’re very excited about Camp H.O.W.L.,” Furnas said. “It’s a new attraction and a new concept for Great Wolf Lodge. It’s a space where kids can go play and also learn something. It’s an interactive program that guarantees fun for kids, while adults can do what they please.

The purpose of all that we do here at the lodge, and with Camp H.O.W.L., is to bring joy to families. In the evening, we have areas that convert to spaces that are parents-free, where children stay with our team, and we provide them with dinner and educational programming, giving mom and dad time for themselves.” It appears that LaGrange’s newest resort will leave no stone unturned. “We look forward to having guests come and pursue our purpose of bringing families together,” Furnas said. “We hope you join us soon.”

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