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Citizen of the Year: Business

Tasha Scott

Owner of Scott Realtime Reporting, LLC and Maximized Growth, LLC, Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer and Certified Life Coach.

Growing up a military brat, Tasha had little time to get adjusted before the next move came. A self-proclaimed introvert (I know, I was shocked too) she knew from a young age that she would run her own business one day. It came after a successful paper route while in the 8th grade… “I knew someday I’d be an entrepreneur,” she said. And that “someday” came. Scott attended Prince Institute — earning an associates’s degree in court reporting. “I have been a full-time entrepreneur for over 15 years. I am the owner of Scott Realtime Reporting, LLC and Maximized Growth, LLC. As well as a certified life coach, motivational speaker and trainer, inspirational author and Founder of the WomenCONNECT™ movement.”

Born in Charlotte, N.C. and the daughter of a military man, she moved from place to place, but at the age of 19 her family would settle in Montgomery and Tasha would begin her transformation.

While everyone else moved on, she made Montgomery her home.

Now as a certified life coach Scott finds fulfillment helping others work through frustrations and set up improving practices. She uses her own past to help other women take a practical approach in their life such as being better at a dealing with a difficult personal or work related situation. A life coach deals with day-to-day problems such as careful planning, helpful scheduling and slowly learning their own worth through action. She continually nurtures what is right in the client’s life, thus creating balance and happiness.

For many people hearing the term “life coach” is confusing. How is it different from a therapist? “It is a very pragmatic approach to solving problems,” Scott says, “because it deals with the achieving goals. For example, I suffered in silence for many years and it wasn’t until I stopped running from myself, hired a life coach and learned how to tap into my true potential that I was able to find real freedom.”

While therapists explore a client’s past and look at present behaviors and the emotional impact, a life coach will deal with implementation of goals, schedules, planning and getting practical things done, like succeeding at a new or challenging job. “The individual is not reshaped,” said Scott, but learns their own value through action.

Scott believes that part of the secret to balancing one’s life is understanding that every person’s life is like a pie with different pieces, such as social life, family life, career, finances, hobbies, and spirituality. “A life coach can encourage self-directed actions to address those annoyances, like establishing positive habits (short term or long term), while continuing to nurture what is right in the client’s life, thus creating a life of balance and happiness.”

“My skill is helping you create a results-oriented life while receiving instant gratification for your successes,” she said.

Feeling compelled to expand on her knowledge, Tasha wrote, “Don’t Limit Me” and “Maximize Your Existence” both books that give real-world insight on how women can tap into their life balance and achieve the life they want and deserve.

“The moment you’ve suffered and then healed, even to a slight degree, the intention to help anyone else that feels that way is almost a reflexive response,” she said.
Through keynote presentations, masterful coaching, interactive workshops and group coaching, Scott gives her audiences practical tools that inspire courage, confidence and clarity and power they need to achieve their fullest potential. Her talks produce immediate and lasting results.

“My motto goes something like this: ‘Do it Afraid’ If you do something and it makes you feel good and free and happy and joyful and loving, you should probably do more of it. And if it makes you feel poisoned and imprisoned and despairing, perhaps you should do less of it. By following that philosophy you start to find your purpose, because fear will always be there and it will prevent you from moving forward.



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